MCCC KIDS - This blog is dedicated to the children of Moshi Christian Childrens Centre (MCCC), a orphanage and community outreach centre in Moshi, Tanzania under the care of Allan & Jacqui McKinnon. On this page you will be kept up to date on the latest news, prayer requests, opinions, projects and of course what's hot and what's not in Moshi! ALLAN & JACQUI ARE SUPPORTED BY GREENVIEW EVANGELICAL CHURCH THROUGH INTERLINK, 29 CANAL STREET, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UK

Thursday, January 03, 2013

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Sunday, May 03, 2009


Lucia passes with flying colours!

The results of the sixth form national A level examinations have been awaited with great anxiety on the part of many students here in Tanzania. Lucia was among those who were desparate to know what the results were since places at university and other tertiary education establishements are so difficult to come by and competitively sought after.
You can imagine our delight and the great joy of Lucia herself when the results appeared and she had passed with 'Division 1, Six points'. This is an extremely high award for any student and means in UK terms that Lucia got A, B and C in here three principle subjects. Division 1 guarantees her an offer of a place in University where if all goes according to plan she would like to study international relations. Hopefully the planned trip for Lucia to UK for one year will set her off on the right footing in her international relations career and the universities will agree to postpone her place for study to the following academic year. Praise God for the work he is doing in the lives of many of the young people in MCCC and keep praying for others who are studying in colleges and in upper high school even at the present time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey! We're still here... and with GLO camp 2009!

The GLO camp 2009 was early this year owing to some family committments that Allan & Jacqui have back in UK in June. The team was very specialised and Allison Hill, our regular 'director' was accompanied by Jason Westmoreland who is a puppeteer, magician and clown! (Oh and that's what he says about himself as well, honest!) Linda Watson also joined us in week one and with the existing personnel on the ground in Moshi (Matthew, David, Scott and Louise) we were able to give more than eighty kids an absolute ball over the two weeks.

Week one was for the children from our community care programme. The hail from around the Moshi district villages and love being at camp. This year, Juggles the clown (Jason), was keeping them entertained as they learned the story of the Bible and in particular the Easter story during their time in Moshi Christian Children's Centre.

The kids had other opportunities to draw, play, sing, do drama and puppets themselves, and to hear the good news of Jesus dying for them so they could be forgiven their sins. Four children wanted to make the committment to follow Jesus as their own Saviour and Lord. We were very excited that God had blessed us again in our goal of Making Children Count for Christ!

The second week was a little bit special because we had invited nearly forty children from another poor orphanage on the mountain to come and join us. This was a huge highlight for them and us and they were sorry to go at the end of the camp. Many of them though poor in the things of this world were rich in kingdom values and knew the Lord and the importance of prayer and Bible reading. They were experts in learning the memory verses and could sing many of the choruses in English. Of particular blessing to us while they were with us was their rendition of 'Hosana! Hosana! Hosana to the king of kings!'

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2009 MCCC calendar now ready

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Friday, December 07, 2007

God still at work in MCCC

It was great to hear from Moshi that a number of the kids have made progress in their spiritual lives. One of our boys gave his life to the Lord Jesus and FIVE of the other children decided they would like to move ahead in their life of faith by being baptised in obedience to the command of Jesus to his disciples.

Calendars going like hot cakes - don't miss your copy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2008 calendar now available!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ainess - our new social welfare trainee

One of the exciting developments over the recent months has been the opportunity to invest in people and their training. As part of our ongoing committment to seeing Tanzanian people in charge and responsible for the work at MCCC we have been given a huge boost by the Maxwell Scholarship Fund. Owing to generous funding through this charitable trust we have been able to offer a scholarship programme to one student per year who is a graduate of the Training For Life Programme run at Berea Bible College. The student who will benefit will work at the children's centre for one year, then be sent for training in a diploma course in social welfare, before joining us for a final year of service. We are excited about the opportunities this will create to have Tanzanian Christians in place for the care and compassionate ministry of social care among their own people. Ainess will be our first trainee and she bagan her course in October 2007 after working with us since July last year.

Berea Bible College Campus

And the ongoing planting and finishing of the playing field...

The New Hampden at MCCC

As part of our ongoing vision for the development of the Christian Outdoor Centre planned for MCCC we have been able to initiate the levelling and planting of our new playing field. Wow! We are so pleased about this - suspect the Scotland team may be interested in training here over the winter months! Seriously, the new sports field is coming along nicely - see pics for more details:

Apologies - we've been off line for a bit...

For all our esteemed supporters, our sincere apologies for the silence on our blog. We have been up to all sorts of enjoyable things, like DIY at our home in Glasgow, visiting with our grandaughter Miriam, and hanging out with our friends and family at Greenview Evangelical Church.

Here's a couple of pics to prove it!